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    We have been producing cannabinoids for many years and we are undeniably proud of the quality of our products. Our products are 100% pure and natural.

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    We are working only with the best delivery services. You can be sure our products will be delivered to you safe and sound. You can select the product you are interested in and add it to the cart. Or just call us!

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    All our products are certified and have a quality guarantee. You can get acquainted with the certificates by contacting us. We are proud of our product, but if you don’t like it, we will refund your money.

Who We Are

Indica Express specializes in Quads, High Trips, Lows & Concentrates!  Offering Same day 1 HOUR DELIVERY! GURANTEEED OR $10 OFF YOUR ORDER!! Indica Express works closely with many small batch growers across B.C., So we can ensure that we bring you the best Pink Strains there are, along with the Best High Trips and Quads (AAAA++) With our AAAA B.C Bud that is grown indoors, hand selected, properly flushed and perfectly cured for your smoking needs. We can guarantee that our BUD is the BEST YOU CAN GET, For the LOWEST you can get! Indica Express is there for those who want to try the finer things in life, but don’t want to break the bank doing so.

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You can pay for your order either by (COD, Cash on Delivery) or (EMT, Etransfer, Online Banking) Before payment, you must provide Valid I.D (Drivers License) Must be 19 + of age to purchase our products, it’s the law!

Sure, knowing the strain of a particular variety of cannabis can be helpful, but there are so many factors that affect what effect a particular type of cannabis will have (e.g. the environment it was grown in, at what stage of growth the cannabis was harvested) that the name of the cannabis flower you’re using won’t tell you much alone.

Instead, it’s better to look at the test results for cannabinoid and terpene content.

  • (THC Rich Cannabis); Psychoactive and useful for insomnia, chronic pain, beating nausea, appetite stimulation, and cancer.
  • (CBD Rich Cannabis); Less psychoactive than THC-rich cannabis, and useful for treating inflammation, depression, seizures, and conditions affecting the nervous system due to its neuroprotective effects.

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