Straight Goods Supply Co. – Strawberry Cough (3 Gram)


Elevate your cannabis experience with Straight Goods Supply Co.’s Strawberry Cough, the perfect choice for anyone looking to enjoy a classic strain with exceptional taste and uplifting effects. Whether you’re looking to socialize, tackle creative projects, or simply enjoy a vibrant and engaging high, Strawberry Cough delivers outstanding quality and satisfaction.

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Introducing Straight Goods Supply Co.’s Strawberry Cough (3 Gram), a delightful sativa-dominant strain renowned for its sweet, berry flavors and uplifting effects. This high-quality product is perfect for those seeking a joyful and energetic experience wrapped in a convenient 3-gram package.

Strawberry Cough is famed for its ability to induce happiness and sociability, making it ideal for daytime use. Its potent sativa effects are perfect for sparking creativity, invigorating the senses, and promoting an overall sense of well-being. The initial burst of euphoric energy gradually blends into a mellow contentment, making it suitable for both new and experienced users.

Often chosen for its ability to alleviate stress and anxiety, Strawberry Cough also helps with managing minor pain and combating fatigue. Its mood-lifting properties can be particularly beneficial for those dealing with depression.

Ideal for vaporizing or smoking, Strawberry Cough’s fine qualities are best appreciated in a clean pipe or a high-quality vaporizer to fully enjoy its flavor profile.


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